What Is The Difference Between Guard Dogs And Guard And Defense Dogs?

Guard dogs will bark or alert their owners to warn them of the presence of intruders (other dogs, humans, animals…). They do this because they perceive you as a threat, but they usually won’t attack. Instead, guard and protection dogs have a protective instinct, which leads them to be suspicious of their families. This instinct has been sharpening for hundreds of years, leading them to bite and defend themselves against threats. The best guard dog breeds are FCI Pedigree, intimidating in size and appearance, sharing qualities like loyalty or outstanding intelligence.

The Duties

Depending on the purpose of training, dogs intended for guard and defense can be classified as follows.

The Guard Dogs

Guard dogs are so alert and bark when strangers approach or something unusual happens. Your job will solve the problem. Many dogs behave this way naturally, so they rarely require advanced training to perform these functions. To perform this function, dogs do not necessarily have to be large. Chihuahuas, for example, often make excellent watchdogs. Although it is true that a large dog is more intimidating and can be a good deterrent against intruders.

Dogs For Guard And Defense

Guard and defense dogs are also alert to danger, but they are trained to act actively and defend their home or family from threats. That is, they will start barking when they perceive a threat, but they will be able to bite and attack if necessary. Guard and defense dogs must receive specific training. They are used for surveillance work in fenced and delimited areas. For example, in houses, fenced chalets, industrial buildings, properly perimeter farms, etc.

The Sentinel Dogs

Sentinel dogs are similar to guard dogs. In this case, they are trained to patrol a certain area, such as a property. These dogs will perform their tasks with less human direction, so they must be very confident, self-sufficient, and intelligent.

Dogs For Personal Protection

Dogs for personal protection are like guard dogs. Unlike these, they are tasked with protecting a moving target. Usually a person or a family. These dogs require a lot of specialized training from an experienced handler. And it is that they must learn to distinguish between friends and enemies, between what is a threat and what is not, and work safely in stressful situations. Most dogs that are trained for this purpose establish very strong bonds with their family unit.

When looking for Personal Protection Dogs For Sale, always ensure they are well-trained and handled by a certified breeder.

The Police Dogs

Police dogs are only used by the police and state security forces. Not only are they trained to perform all of the dog skills listed above, but they also receive additional training to unleash their potential as offensive weapons. These dogs can be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands.

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