Work with us at Won River Keeper Property Management, a leading company in the event organization sector. Company formed by a young and dynamic team with a creative soul with a single objective: To offer the best solutions to all our clients by making our talent available to them.

Work With Us, We Bet on You

At Won River Keeper Property Management we bet on people. We want to have people who are passionate about their profession, dynamic, talented, eager to overcome new challenges, enthusiastic and creative.

If you define yourself like this, you have an opportunity to develop your professional growth by being part of a leading company in the sector. We offer you an ambitious project where you can contribute your ideas and evolve professionally.


It is a basic condition. All our team, suppliers and customers must be involved with the Won River Keeper Property Management project and philosophy.


Bond between colleagues.  People who accompany each other to meet a common goal. Good correspondence and harmony between members are one of Won River Keeper Property Management’s values.