Our Business Objective

Won River Keeper Property Management is positioned as a benchmark company in Michigan in the events sector. Effort and dedication are our flag to offer day by day sets of solutions for each client and event.

Focused on the objective of continuing to grow and innovate to offer quality services at competitive prices for any event in Michigan.

Our Philosophy

Won River Keeper Property Management has two major philosophies:

  • Adaptability: whatever the event that our clients want to celebrate, we have the ideal option to carry it out. A set of tailor-made services with the versatility to personalize the characteristics of each event, and even with the possibility of shaping it from scratch to suit the client.
  • Ease: our wide variety of services  and with a single interlocutor, make the organization of any moment of celebration a breeze, we are the ones who negotiate, certify quality and organize absolutely everything necessary to guarantee the success of the event.

Everything you need can be found with a couple of clicks on our revamped website or by contacting us.