Team Building Michigan 

At Won River Keeper Property Management events we are specialists in outdoor activities where our main objective is to foster the ability to team up through activities that help encourage giving more of oneself.

Learning as a team and in a fun way is the methodology that Eclipse Events has developed to reach our clients.

Our experience and know-how are our guarantee of success.

Choose the TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITY that best suits your team 

What is Team Building 

A fun and suggestive way to team up.

It is a series of activities aimed at turning a group of people into an efficient team.

It is based on promoting change in individuals, based on learning activities through experiences. We rely on experiential organizational development, that is: games, challenges, adventure activities, dynamics, etc.

Through dynamic activities in the form of games, integrated value can be generated and goals can be achieved on their own initiative, encouraging the employee’s positive vision of the company.

How team building is applied 

Team Building is an Anglicism whose meaning comes to be building a team. In today’s organizations it is not enough to have groups of employees, but teams are also needed.

There are various general recommendations, although each human resources director must take into account the characteristics of the group and the strategies, philosophies and values ​​of the company.
A Team Building must be clearly separated from the ordinary activities of the company, it must also be presented with a challenge and it must be conducted by a specialist.