Reasons To Celebrate Your Wedding In Summer

If you want to get married in the summer, or you have to organize a wedding at this time of year, you are in luck, there are more people with your idea. Performing a wedding in summer is less rare than it seems.

Five reasons to celebrate a summer wedding

In recent years, the millennial generation is increasingly choosing to celebrate their marriage on these dates, and for this reason, although it may seem like a bad idea to combine a beautiful dress for the occasion. With the high temperatures that usually accompany the summer months. We give you 5 reasons to celebrate your wedding in summer and finish convincing yourself if you still have doubts about organizing this event in the sunniest time of the year.  The heat and good weather invite you to try other formulas for weddings that in other seasons would be unthinkable, if not impossible.

Outdoor Wedding

Perhaps one of the most attractive reasons to celebrate a wedding in style in the summer season is the possibility of doing it outdoors. There is nothing more romantic than bringing your loved ones together and saying “I do” next to the beach bathed by the waves of the sea, with the refreshing sea breeze. It is a postcard environment that will turn your link into an unforgettable moment.

And another of the advantages of being able to celebrate it outdoors without the danger of rain or other more unpleasant meteorological phenomena, is being able to have live music or shows, also outdoors, and without any problem of space.

White or Light Colors

The white color is already a must in wedding dresses, but the rest of the guests can also opt for light and fresh colors, or directly white. 

Summer dresses are also very pretty and can give that young and modern touch that you are looking for, more than the corseted suits and dresses that are usually worn at weddings in other types of venues or in those that are a little colder. And besides, light colors repel sunlight, so you won’t be as hot as if you were dressed in black or much stronger colors.

Summer Decoration

Of course, the decoration must accompany the event, and being able to do it in summer offers endless possibilities. From setting up a platform with a rustic style outdoors, to decorating it with the trees that would surround the link or placing any type of accessory for the attendees, whether they are necklaces or flower crowns. All very much to the taste of the younger couples who decide to walk down the aisle, who will surely feel identified. You can also choose themed weddings by the beach, or in forests and gardens. An excuse to enjoy an excellent fresh cake as the culmination of the meal.

Brand New Fresh Outfits

Whether it’s the sandals that you bought for the wedding and that you’re looking forward to wearing, or the perfect Pamela that matches your dress, whatever the item in summer, you can also find those that are especially for this time of year. A summer wedding is a more than justified reason to wear that Pamela or headdress that you love, and that you want everyone to see.  The combination of summer accessories for a wedding dress is infinite.

Sunglasses and Drink Water

And you cannot miss the most important advice, because it is about your health. It is obvious that in summer the sun shines, so do not forget to put on your best sunglasses for the occasion, and not have to put up with the inconvenience of the sun, and above all, put the sun cream in your bag or backpack, it will make you missing if you do not want to end up like any tourist who comes to visit Seville, unaware of the high temperatures that can be caught in broad daylight.

In short, summer is not an excuse not to have a wedding, on the contrary, there are plenty of reasons why this time is just as good as spring, or even better. Surely after these 5 reasons to celebrate your wedding in summer, you don’t need more. And if what you need is a specialist in organizing weddings, contact us and our wedding planners will help you with the link, and you, to enjoy the summer, which you also deserve.