We take care that everything goes perfectly.

Event staff is vital for the event to flow properly. In the organization of events, Won River Keeper Property Management takes into account the staff as a key element so that the attendees have a more than positive experience.

In short, Team building is a human resources strategy that must be applied to the formation of work teams.

Our staff for events knows how important it is to reach the objectives of our clients, therefore, and thanks to their experience and involvement, they will work professionally to meet the expectations of the company.

1. Controllers 

In any company event, it is necessary to control the access of attendees, either as a welcome or for security, and to avoid people who are not invited to the event. It is also necessary to control that the capacity is not exceeded to avoid crowds and accidents.

At Won River Keeper Property Management, we offer you security for events. We put at your disposal the best selection of professionals in the sector taking into account as a key element for attendees to have a pleasant experience.

2. Hostesses 

Won River Keeper Property Management in Michigan will deploy event staff capable of handling every aspect of your project, from the initial planning stages to implementation and reporting to ensure you receive the service and results you need. We are proud to have provided promotional staff, hostesses and models for high profile VIP events and red carpet functions in Michigan, sporting events, movie premieres, private parties, luxury hotels, conferences and trade shows.
Our creative and innovative approach to planning and implementation means that we are the number one choice for events.

3. Translators 

Do not you find what you are looking for? Don’t worry: 

Won River Keeper Property Management events offers you the translation services you need

  • Translation services at conferences.
  • Product presentations translated simultaneously
  • Translation of advertising texts.
  • Diversity of languages.

Whatever event you need a translation service for, at Eclipse we have you covered

 4. Chauffeur 

In business trips it is also an alternative to consider. Especially when you need to attend meetings, congresses or events that involve a team of colleagues or workers of a company. The collection at the airport is done in a group and the transfer is made in the same vehicle   (or in several, if necessary), and in this way everyone will arrive at the same time and on time, without the risk of that the meeting has to be postponed because one of the participants has suffered an inconvenience. 

We take care of the collection of all the components of the event, putting at your disposal vehicles of various capacities, such as:

  • buses
  • MPVs
  • limousines
  • Etc…

 5. Entertainers 

With the animation in corporate events we achieve the following:

  • Activation of the btl discipline brand, in which we achieve a special interaction with the consumer that will make them live the experience and remind them of the brand. The activation is usually carried out in the location where the product is usually found.
  • Positioning our brand at the point of sale and against the competition is relevant when it comes to maximizing our presence. Creating a stable network of people who understand each other with our buyer is essential for the final consumer to know us. Creating a nexus of activity and involvement is the key to success for the sale of any product.
    We are 360 ​​specialists, from GPV through promoter and ending with mystery shopper.
  • Campaigns with high interaction in which we generate a great impact with the consumer. These get an active approach of the product/brand to the potential buyer.
  • Stimulus with which we provoke the consumer’s attention so that surprise is the key factor. With the interaction we enhance the interest and playful nature of it.

We are experts in covering all kinds of events, crowd control at sporting events, outdoor or indoor music festivals, highly qualified personnel for access control at nightclubs and music bars, etc. Our clients recommend us, that’s why at Won River Keeper Property Management we want to open the doors for you to get to know us.

We are people at the service of people.