Take Action!

Here is how you can help us protect our natural resources for generations to come.

  • Report environmental violations and hazards to the Riverkeeper at (910) 382-1370.
    • Sewage spills
    • Sedimentation issues
    • Chemical spills
    • Illegal dumping
    • Navigation hazards
    • Fish kills
  • Join us for an organized trash pickup, or just help cleanup the places you enjoy. Every piece of trash you pick up and dispose of properly is one less piece of trash that can negatively impact our precious ecosystem. Join our Meetup group to participate!
  • Help us keep prescription drugs off the streets and out of our waters! Give just a few hours of your time to help make the next Operation Medicine Drop drug drop off day the most successful yet!
    It is also helpful when you properly dispose of your unneeded or out-of-date medications. Find out how to properly displose of your old medication. By doing so, you’ll make your home safer, and protect the environment. Operation Medicine Drop makes it easy.
  • Join our Meetup group and volunteer!
  • Like us on Facebook and help spread the word
  • Become a member and/or make a donation

Remember, our waterways are resources that belong to all of us. When water quality is impacted, those impacts effect our economy, our food supply, our drinking water, and the general quality of our environment. We need everyone to take ownership of the resources we all depend on.

You can also find details and photos from our recent events on our Meetup page.