Board of Directors

All of our board members are volunteers from our community.

President Dale Weston
Vice President TBD
Secretary TBD
Treasurer TBD
Directors April Clark
Dr. Pat Curley
Chris Luffman
Tom Mattison
Elizabeth Simpson
James Simpson

Dale Weston, Executive Director/President

I’ve messed around with boats since I could row a little boat on the little lake in Ohio where I grew up.  We moved to Onslow County in 1986 to teach after an Air Force career.  What could be better than lots of water, a military base, and lots of good people??  I am happy here!

The fact that our pretty looking water was not as clean and healthy as it should be, came to me (and the rest of the population) when the hog spill happened in 1995.  That incident brought lots of interest in clean water.  It also brought to light the multiple sources and types of pollution that still contaminate our rivers.

Certainly the City of Jacksonville, and Camp Lejeune have invested millions in wastewater treatment and much of the river is much better than it once was. But we are still classified as ‘impaired waters’ due to continued contamination and sedimentation.  There’s work to be done!

It is my belief that we as a community can act to gain cleaner, healthier  water.  When we do this, our community and our individual lives will prosper and grow.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, let me know.  We are in the rebuilding mode.  So good people like you with good ideas are most welcome. To contact Dale about  programs, events, volunteering or fundraising activities, call (910) 382-1370, or email