Developments in Swansboro


White Oak River at sunset.
White Oak River at sunset.

The development of land can lead to environmental problems if not approached in sustainable ways.  This is why there are planning processes before construction. One of the key issues that stretch across the board into each watershed is stormwater runoff which can impact habitat and nurseries and more.

Swansboro North Carolina draws many individuals because it is a popular tourist spot and a popular destination for retired folks to move. We have two such land developments occurring in the near future that the public needs to keep their finger on each way of the process. You can do this by calling your local representatives, writing your local paper, and attending local meetings.

Many have been following the development of the Hammocks Beach State Park mainland area planning. Your opportunity to give input and voice concerns is coming up! Please stay abreast of the opportunities and flood these meetings with your local friends and family to aid in making sound sustainable land use decisions of our beautiful State Park lands near the White Oak River. You can take the survey here:

Meetings on the development of the Hammocks Beach State Park are listed here:

September 29, 2016
4pm-7pm, Visitor Center (Please drop-in at your convenience during these open house hours)

Anticipated Meeting Timeline
Sage Design – Collecting Site Inventory Information – July – September 2016
1st Public Meeting – September 29th from 4-7pm –  Seeking input and Ideas
Sage Design – Synthesis of all information gathered to date and development of a Draft Planning Document
2nd Public Meeting – Jan- Feb 2017 Presentation of Draft Program and Ideas, seeking additional input
Sage Design – Synthesis of all information and development of a Final Planning Document
3rd Public Meeting – March – April 2017 Presentation of Final Recommendations and Plan

What else is happening in the Swansboro area?

Bailey and Fuller Properties, LLC, a commercial development business, is soon developing 810 West Corbett Avenue off of Hwy 24. The area consists of 4.51 acres in the White Oak basin, 1.04 acres of which is 404 jurisdictional wetlands. The Town of Swansboro received a map from the developer that was not delineated and did not include any reference to the 404 wetlands. Having no knowledge of the aforementioned 404 wetlands, the commissioners of the Town of Swansboro issued a special-use permit to the developer on Tuesday, August 23rd. However, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers did receive a map of delineated wetlands and issued a public notice, which can be found here: Public Notice.

Had the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers not given public notice the Town of Swansboro commissioners would not have known of these wetlands. Please, be sure to make public comment to the Army Corp of Engineers by September 12th noting the Town of Swansboro made important decisions with incomplete information and should be allowed an opportunity to review all the information before making a decision! Comments can be made by email to and should be sent by 5pm on Monday, September 12.

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