Earth Day Cleanup with the Rotary

DJT_7824We teamed up with the local Rotary clubs to do a county-wide cleanup for Earth Day. There were only 5 of us: Nicole Triplett (the Riverkeeper), Dale Weston (our President), Chris Luffman (board member), James Simpson (board member), and myself.

We expected rain, but it was quite pleasant the entire time we were out. We got slowed down by many, many bits of polystyrene (Styro-Foam) that were collecting along the shores. They take a lot of time to pick out of the water. We hauled out 2 plastic patio chairs, a bucket, a bowling ball, and 7 large bags of miscellaneous trash. All total, it was about 100 pounds of trash, which is a pretty good haul when a good deal of it is bits of polystyrene.

I want to say thanks to the Rotary for providing us with lunch. I was really hungry by the time we finished.

As a followup, our Riverkeeper is going to check on the source of the Styro-Foam peanuts that were scattered widely over a section of the creek.

by Douglas Toltzman, Secretary/Treasurer and Web Admin

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