Sturgeon City Earth Day Event

DJT_7765Today was the Earth Day event at Sturgeon City. I think they had it today, because it’s Earth Day, but that could just be a coincidence. If it happens again next year, it may be a pattern.

In any case, the White Oak-New Riverkeeper (that’s us) set up a station there, so we got to interact with “millions” of school children. Nicole, the actual Riverkeeper, set up a fun little game where children would fish trash out of an imaginary body of water and Nicole would discuss the importance of removing trash from the environment and recycling the recyclable items.

_DJ24742There were lots of other stations there. Some of them were the work of the Sturgeon City crew, but there were other organizations there, including the NC Extension Office, Home Depot(?),  Possumwood Acres with the friendliest possum I’ve ever met, and some others. It looked like the kids were having fun and learning lots of neat stuff. They got to build a terrarium at one station, and Dianna Rashash from the extension office was teaching kids about different kinds of soil.

DJT_7800From what I could tell, the entire crowd was having a great time, running from station to station, learning new things, and getting their “passports” stamped. Our Riverkeeper got to introduce herself to lots of people and give a little overview of what we do.

DJT_7775It wasn’t all fun and games, we did get rained on a couple of times and we came within a few kilometers of getting struck by lightning. However, I think it was a great success, and I’d like to thank Chris Luffman for his assistance. Nicole couldn’t have done it without Chris’s help. Dale Weston was there, but he was mostly drinking coffee, and I was running around taking photos. You don’t think these photos just take themselves, do you?

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