The Best Part of my Day

DJT_7422The best part of any day is the time I get to spend on the water. However, today was special.

First, Nicole and I paddled almost 4 miles up Peddiford Creek and back, for a total distance of 7.7 miles. The last time I was up Peddiford Creek was with Elmer Eddy and Brian Wheat in January, 2008. I took a canoe that time, expecting a sheltered creek paddle, and ended up paddling against a stiff wind for 2 or 3 miles on our return trip.

Today, I took a kayak, the weather was pleasant and the trip was mostly uneventful. We nearly got scorched by a forest fire and we had to make some stops to pick up trash, but otherwise, it was a leisurely paddle.

My return to the office wasn’t as pleasant, but that’s a whole other matter. Thanks to Nicole for a fun paddle and great conversation.

Trip report: Put-in at 11:00 and take out at 15:30 from boat launch on Pettiford Rd.

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