Patrolling the New River

DJT_7329We set out on a multipurpose trip on the New River on a Tuesday afternoon, February 16. We took the motorboat to investigate a report of a hose, discharging waste into the river. We also needed to take a motorboat trip to stay in practice and test the equipment, as they say. Finally, I needed some new video of the New River and our new Riverkeeper, because I didn’t have much video from the New River and I could not locate much of what I did have.

_DJ24294We did find a tributary, discharging sediment loaded water into the river. That will require further investigation. Anyone for a 4 or 5 mile paddle (round trip) up the New River? The forecast is for mild weather the next week or so. There is some trash to pick up along the way, and there will be opportunities to get wet and muddy!

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