Say “NO!” to seismic blasting and offshore drilling of the Atlantic!

Photo by Nicole L. Triplett
Photo by Nicole L. Triplett

Protect Our Coast!

  •      Our beach towns need healthy communities and economies, not refineries and pipelines. Say no to Atlantic drilling and protect ‪#‎MyEastCoast‬!

Learning from History

  •      After the Gulf of Mexico was opened to drilling, the massive 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster became the worst oil spill in our nation’s history, leaving behind a toxic legacy the region is still struggling to recover from.
  •      Businesses of all sizes have been paid more than $4 billion in economic damages due to 2010’s spill. Many people still fighting for adequate compensation and lawsuits are still ongoing; small, family-owned businesses were the worst impacted by this loss of revenue.
  • Even though the spill was capped in July 2010, oil is still washing up on shores. The 200 million gallons of crude oil polluted over 25% of Louisiana’s coastline, killing over 8,000 animals in the six months following the spill. A recent study confirmed that 10 million gallons of crude oil still sits on the Gulf floor ailing fish and other wildlife; ailments that are sure to move up the food chain toward the human population.

Below is a glance into the true costs of the BP oil spill.

Here ~> The True Cost of the BP Oil Spill for People, Communities, and the Environment

As for our coast?

  • Read the details here:

Offshore Drilling the Atlantic Coast

Seismic Surveys Fact Sheet



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