About Our Riverkeeper

frame5smWe’re in the latter stages of hiring a full time Riverkeeper to help us do community outreach, organize events, keep an eye on our rivers and estuaries, inform our public officials, raise money, write grant applications, and other things related to clean, safe public water resources in the White Oak River basin.

Now, if that sounded like a lot to expect from one person, you’re absolutely right! There is no way one person can watch hundreds of miles of streams, manage public outreach programs, clean up trash before it gets to the ocean, and influence our public policy makers on policy decisions. Our new Riverkeeper will need your help!

We don’t expect our Riverkeeper to be an army of one. The Riverkeeper will need lots of volunteers for all sorts of activities and projects. The Riverkeeper will collaborate with our excellent city, county, and state, environmental actors. We currently have several governmental organizations doing water sampling in our watershed. The Riverkeeper will be the eyes on the river, and he/she will document and report significant events to the responsible authorities. In order to know when and where environmental incidents are occurring, the Riverkeeper will need paddlers all over the basin to keep an eye on the places they paddle, and report suspicious conditions to the Riverkeeper for further investigation.

In essence, we aren’t hiring a Riverkeeper. You are. You, the paddler, the fisherperson, the homeowner, the swimmer, sailor, boater, or just the person who eats and drinks and would rather not be poisoned, are getting a person who you can rely on to assess and advocate for your precious water resources. However, you are the eyes and the muscle of the Riverkeeper. He/she can’t be everywhere, and he/she can’t do everything. We’re counting on dedicated volunteers to pitch in, make our Riverkeeper program a success, and help our new Riverkeeper feel welcome and appreciated.

I, for one, will be there to help organize events and pick up trash. I will continue to report things like alligator weed, discoloration of water, sediment/erosion problems, trash dumps, fish kills, and other unusual events that I observe when I’m out paddling. Sometimes all it takes to help is a little education and a genuine concern for our quality of life.

We will be announcing our new Riverkeeper in the next 2 weeks.

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