NC CPA Day of Service

_DJ23892Today, Dale Weston and I helped facilitate a trash pickup by a local group of CPAs, headed up by Steven Scarborough. The group was out to give something back to our state on the N.C. CPA Day of Service.  There were about 15 accountants on the water at one time. That by itself is quite an accomplishment! We were also joined by John Lister (Swansboro Board of Commissioners).

_DJ23880April Clark (Proprietor: Second Wind Eco Tours and White Oak-New Riverkeeper Alliance Board member), provided us with 8 kayaks and paddles. She had the equipment all ready for us by the time we arrived to pick it up.

The ramp at Cedar Point Park, where we launched, was buzzing with activity by 08:30 this morning. Some of the group was on the water before our official launch at 09:00. We got off to a strong start, coasting with the wind behind us.


At first, the trash was light, but there always seems to be those places that you just can’t keep clean, because the people who frequent them can’t be bothered with picking up after themselves. I am at a loss to understand people who think throwing their beer bottles and other refuse into the grass is okay. I know a good deal of the trash comes from fishermen, because I pick up lots of bait containers and fishing line. I would think fishermen would have an interest in protecting our water resources. I’m not sure they understand the damage we’re doing to the oceans by using them as our personal dumpster. I spend a lot of my personal time and resources, picking up after thoughtless people. All I’ve ever asked people to do is think.

_DJ23904Anyway, I’m pretty sure we came back with as many accountants as we took out. I’d like to think that one of the accountants accounted for everyone. I, personally, did not take a head count. If we left anyone behind, I’m apologize. It’s not that I don’t like accountants … I promise.

We did come back with a couple bags full of trash and a few derelict crab pots. Every piece of plastic anyone takes out of the environment is a step in the right direction. It all matters, and if we get it before it begins breaking down into tiny pieces, it means it won’t end up in the fish we eat.

_DJ23890Thanks to everyone who came out, today, and to April Clark for providing boats and moral support. It was a great day for a paddle, we did a great thing for the environment, and we introduced some new people to paddling. Who said accountants can’t have fun?

<– that’s Dale Weston in the canoe

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