New River Roundtable Meeting

Feel free to join. These are open to the public and you will learn a lot about local issues and how to become involved.

WHEN:    Thursday, September 17th,  1pm – 3pm.
WHERE:  Sturgeon City in Jacksonville (
WHO:    Jennifer Dorton – Coordinator for the North Carolina Sentinel Site Cooperative, or NCSSC (



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1 Comment

  1. I attended this meeting. Jennifer gave us a great presentation on the challenges with measuring and forecasting sea level change, and the impacts it is having on our coast. The work of the Sentinel Site Cooperative is mostly done by volunteers. There are many opportunities for expanding the monitoring sites, data analysis, and innovation. The challenge is not just in measuring the change, but in finding ways to mitigate the effects.

    After Jennifer was finished, we had our round table discussion. We had some new faces, and we heard status reports from several people. It was a very interesting and productive meeting.